Ludic Society (Margarete Jahrmann, Gordan Savicic) - Objets Célibataires/ New Bachelor Machines (Selection)  
Play OBJECTS - nouveaux objets célibataires

Expérience PCB boards as “objet de jeu, de vie et d'art” stand for emotionally charged game (re)search. The parenthetically Fibonacci spiraled layouts of most of their conducting paths become a design element, an aesthetic merit, and cause potential glitches, which are merely empowered by flexible resistors, which can be played like a guitar! The play (=on stage as band) is a play in the living machine. Cul-de-sac, the dead end street can be exited by destroying laptop-music, as neo-luddite in an lud/dic act, by literally smashing the laptop instead of the guitar as stage performance. The live demonstration of rolling the potentiometer soldered with hot air on the self-etched circuit board allegorises the ride on the monowheel. The stage tool is still a chindogu (useless object), but starts to work more célibataire, acts more self-sufficient, rotates like a millwheel for music and makes the socialite even more attractive when playing with it. These are objets célibataires, sisters are doing it for themselves!

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